Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Favorite Nail Polishes ATM

Hey Guys! I've been wearing a few nail polishes on rotation recently so I thought I'd share them with you. These colors aren't particularly wintery, but I personally think they are great for any time of year. Also in case you weren't aware, all the names of the products are links to sites where you can purchase them. Let's get started! 

Porchester Square is definitely the most neutral of my current favorites and probably the one I wear the most. I would describe the color as a mixture of grey and beige a.k.a. greige. This shade is pretty subtle, but still looks cool and sophisticated on the nails. The formula is also really fantastic! I have the gel effects version of this shade and I love the super glossy finish.

Essie Truth or Flare

I think this muted grey blue shade by essie is perfect for those who want to wear color in a subtle way. This shade reminds me of cool and cloudy days so I've been using it a lot this winter. I find that the color is opaque in two coats and it has a nice, glossy finish.

Butter London Bossy Boots

Now this is definitely one of the most-loved polishes in my collection! It is a pistachio green shade that looks different, but equally beautiful on every skin tone. To be honest, the formula of this polish is a bit thin and runny, but I put up with it for the unique color!

Mint Condition by Ulta

This is my most recent find and definitely the brightest of the bunch. I was lacking a green-y turquoise shade in my collection and this polish has filled the gap. A lot of brands do shades like this, but I was super impressed with the formula of this one and definitely want to try more from the range!

Hope you liked this post and maybe added some polishes to your wishlist! :)

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